Daphné Amaya

Breathwork // Dance // Guided Meditations // Holistic Therapies // Tantra // Women's Circle
Detailed Information

My name is Daphné Amaya and I am a certified Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner. Through my experience and knowledge, I am looking forward to support and guide individuals to reconnect with their body and tap into their own resources for healing, integration and personal growth.

I facilitate body-based holistic experiences integrating Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), Visual Art Therapy, as well as other therapeutic methods and techniques which I have learned through my own experiences in life.

If you want to tap into your body wisdom, I would be honoured to guide you through this journey back to your body, back home.

P.S: I live in Curepipe at the moment, but I am open to move and join you where it’s more convenient