Mandala Meditation Workshop – Connect with your Inner Creative Self

Here we go again!! 😀 Greetings Beings of Love & Light! 🙏🏼 “Everything that shows up in your mandala is a vehicle for your awakening…” -Pema Chödrön Join me on an inner creative journey on how to use the powerful properties of creating Mandalas as a meditative tool & mindfulness practice! The meaning of Mandala […]

Full Moon Meditation and Atlantean Healing event

With the current global Covid-19 and economic crisis, may of us are dealing with fear, worry and anxiety. We cannot control what the future holds for us, we can control how we react to it. We can bring healing to our emotional and mental bodies to see the current situation from a different or higher […]


La musique est la force motrice du “Inside Flow”, elle encadre la séquence pour créer une expérience mélodique intégrée. Cette pratique est une séquence choregraphiée avec les postures de yoga, la transition fluide entre les posture vient y créer l’harmonie. La pratique est basée sur ce qui pourrait s’apparenter a du Vinyasa flow. Vous passez […]

Mandala Sound Meditation

Greetings beloved souls! We are pleased to announce this upcoming Mandala Meditation with the healing powers of Sound. Music was used since ancestral times, as a carrier to specific states of consciousness and also for healing. Kan will carry a Sound Journey meditation, by resonating ancient or self-crafted instruments and melodies from various cultures of […]

Full Moon Meditation and Atlantean Healing event

We welcome you all to experience Love during this Full Moon event at 7pm on the 27th of February 2021, at Pierrefonds, Quatre Bornes. The theme for the upcoming event is Love, or more importantly What is Love? We look forward to seeing you all there and joining us on this journey of Love. The […]

Vanilla Vegan Opening

Let’s come together and be inspired to live in a more sustainable way. In this one hour quiz and education session, you will learn things you probably didn’t know about living sustainably, your health, and the environment. Change starts with YOU and then US together. There are many ways that we can make a difference. […]

Forest Walk & Yoga

Join us for a wonderful morning of health and wellness.  We will start with a short walk in nature, in silence, this will last about 20 minutes. Being in silence allows you to really take in the sounds of the birds, the ocean, the wind. You can either meet at our designated public beach at […]

Stress Relief Workshop

The Workshop – What if you could have more EASE in your life? Venue : Riverview Commercial Centre, Les Gorges Road, Black RiverTime: 10.00 to 12.30Price: Rs 1,000/- per person Included : A manual with Tools to invite more ease & possibilities in your life and let go of the perpetual stress/ inventions and lies […]

Full Moon Meditation and Atlantean Healing event

We wish you a very happy New Year 2021 and would like to welcome you all into the New Year with this beautiful full moon meditation and healing event on the 28th of January 2021. Heading into 2021, we invite you to unlock abundance with us using the powerful energies of the Divine Feminine and […]

Wellness Vibes Festival

Greetings Beings of Love & Light, We, Svarasika team feel blessed to be holding our first anniversary of our small wellness organisation with a big heart! On this occasion we are going to celebrate this day with wellness activities.. such as yoga, meditation, sound healing and many more holistic activities for the overall wellbeing of […]