december, 2020

20dec8:00 am5:30 pmEvent OverWellness Vibes Festival8:00 am - 5:30 pm Svarasika Yoga and Meditation Wellness Centre, The Vale Event Organized By: SVARASIKA Yoga & Meditation Wellness Centre Event Type :Art,Breathwork,Coaching,Crystal Healing,Dance,Holistic Therapies,Inside Flow Yoga,Meditation,Nature,Retreat,Sound Healing,Yoga,Yoga Nidra


  • Asha Jeenia

    Asha Jeenia

    Asha is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor. She is a creative being, artist and initiator of the mandala meditation workshops in Mauritius. She is on a devoted journey of sharing the light, love & wisdom which we are all part of... by connecting to the inner Self.

  • Bhanesha Beekarry

    Bhanesha Beekarry

    Entrepreneur at heart and travelling the worlds within... Blessed by Divine Masters Maha Babaji Avatar & Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda to spread the bliss of Om Chanting to all....Bhanesha has been leading several circles for us to experience the divine bliss & healing, powered by the primordial sound- Om.

  • Deeya Seechurn

    Deeya Seechurn

    Deeya is a Personal development coach, trained and certified by the school Artist of the Spirit, California, and a counsellor. Counselling, Shadow Work, inner explorations & energy work, guidance to self awareness and embracing the fullness of your being.

  • Jean Meunier

    Jean Meunier

    Jean is a conscious energy worker & assist those who seek guidance in remembering who they are and is a guide to attain a higher vibrational self. He leads Healing Modalities: Higher Frequency Alignment, Creative Body Movement and Self Love Alchemy.

  • Jonathan


    Jonathan is a certified yoga and meditation instructor. Multidisciplinary artist and visionary. He leads movement meditation, spiritual counselling, yoga & meditation.

  • Kan


    Kan is a vibrations explorer, always inclined to experiment and learn from different artforms. When it comes to music and instruments making, he’s eager to understand music’s role in different cultures of the world and never misses a chance to share this knowledge.

  • Kanika Ramtohul

    Kanika Ramtohul

    Kanika is a yoga and fitness coach at Ultimate Fitness Solutions. She has a holistic background having done pranic healing, reiki and other holistic oriented courses. For over 10 years, her most beautiful passion has been practicing yoga, meditation & kettle bell strength fitness, self defense and MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts)

  • Nadine Marie-Louise

    Nadine Marie-Louise

    Nadine is passionate about Metaphysics, with over 15 years of exploring, experiencing, trusting and being guided and inspired by renowned instructors. Certified Crystal Healer, Aromatherapist & Life Coach. She also holds a diploma in Metaphysics and psychology of success.

  • Sarasvati Mallac

    Sarasvati Mallac

    Sarasvati Mallac is a local artist, musician, singer, author and composer. Music is a path for her to pray, meditate and connect. Self-taught, she sings and plays various traditional instruments such as the ravanne, the erhu (Chinese violin), the mridanga and the shruti. Sound liberation, expression of oneself through vibrations. With group voice, percussion, intuitive and easy- to- perform exercises, you will be transported beyond your limits.


    • Program 1
    • December 20, 2020
    • 8:00am Registration & Intro to the Festival8:00am - 9:00amRegistration & Intro to the Festival

    • 9:00am Yoga for Beginners9:00am - 10:00amYoga for Beginners with AshaFacilitators: Asha Jeenia

    • 9:00am Self Realisation - Expansion of one’s consciousness9:00am - 10:00amSelf Realisation - Expansion of one’s consciousness with JonathanFacilitators: Jonathan

    • 10:15am Awakening Body Movement10:15am - 11:15amAwakening Body Movement with JeanFacilitators: Jean Meunier

    • 10:15am Didgeridoo Workshop10:15am - 11:15amDidgeridoo Workshop with KanFacilitators: Kan

    • 11:30am Breathing techniques to reinforce the aura11:30am - 12:15pmBreathing techniques to reinforce the aura with KanikaFacilitators: Kanika Ramtohul

    • 11:30am Flow Dance11:30am - 12:15pmFlow Dance with JonathanFacilitators: Jonathan

    • 12:15pm LUNCH BREAK12:15pm - 01:15pmLUNCH BREAK

    • 01:15pm Sound Healing01:15pm - 02:15pmSound Healing with KanFacilitators: Kan

    • 02:30pm Mandala Meditation02:30pm - 04:00pmMandala Meditation with AshaFacilitators: Asha Jeenia

    • 02:30pm Lavwa Tambour02:30pm - 04:00pmLavwa Tambour with SarasvatiFacilitators: Sarasvati Mallac

    • 04:00pm OM Chanting04:00pm - 05:00pmOM Chanting with BhaneshaFacilitators: Bhanesha Beekarry

    • 04:00pm Cord Cutting & Grounding Workshop04:00pm - 05:00pmCord Cutting & Grounding Workshop with DeeyaFacilitators: Deeya Seechurn

    • 5:00pm Mantra Chants5:00pm - 5:30pmClosing ceremony with Mantra Chants Facilitators: Sarasvati Mallac

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Event Details

Greetings Beings of Love & Light,

We, Svarasika team feel blessed to be holding our first anniversary of our small wellness organisation with a big heart! On this occasion we are going to celebrate this day with wellness activities.. such as yoga, meditation, sound healing and many more holistic activities for the overall wellbeing of the Self!

You will enjoy a line up of awesome coaches, see detailed schedule above this page, willing to share their know-how and therapies with you guiding you to explore yourself! This is going to be a unique opportunity to give yourself that self love, care and attention to end up the year, by reconnecting with your inner Self and bloom with Wellness Vibes!

The most amazing of all we are welcoming your kids, hence you do not have to worry about leaving them during your presence at the wellness festival. There will be lots of fun activities for them ✨

There will be a market corner with wellness goodies and accessories… so prepare yourself to get hold of those as gifts or for yourself. There will be a lucky draw where our team is going to offer lots of wonderful gifts and surprises. There will also be giveaways for all.

Important notes:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring along your yoga mat
  • Water to hydrate yourself
  • Be responsible of your belongings
  • Photos and videos to be shared on social media

Join us on this Wellness Vibes event to get connected to your tribe!

Ticket Fees are as follows:

All Festival Workshops : Rs 500 per person
+ Vegan Lunch : Rs 150 per person
+ Kids(age 5-11) : Rs 300 per kid (lunch included)

Kindly note tickets are non-refundable.

All Tickets are SOLD OUT !
Get in touch with Sweta Nowbuth on 59323222 or Asha Jeenia on 57184710 for any further query.


SVARASIKA Yoga & Meditation Wellness CentreSvarasika is situated in the north of the island at Upper Vale among the trees and greenery Svarasika is said to be a wonderful place for peace, joy and self love ❤️🙏🏻 We offer yoga, meditation, crystal healing, counselling among many other wellness subjects we indulge in. We would love to have you over for some lovely time together 😊🙏🏻+23059323222 Royal Road Upper Vale Next to Grand Baie